Saturday, November 27, 2004


Spent today finishing a pair of socks for Steven W. They will be part of his christmas gift. Blue and gray, self-striping Sockotta yarn. What fun to work with. I had to rip out the first sock twice before I got the fit just right. As usual, I did not check my gauge.

The kids all seem to enjoy receiving hand-knit socks. Now I understand how my grandmother felt - she always gave us handmade gifts. Of course, I never really appreciated all the work that went into them, but now, as an adult, I do. I wish I had all those handmade gifts, and could tell my grandmother how wonderful they were.

Tomorrow I may put up the Christmas tree. It's a bit early, but for some reason, I'm feeling the holiday spirit. Usually I don't feel festive 'til the day before, and then it's all over so fast. This year I'll make an attempt to enjoy the moment.

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