Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Proper Accessories

Recently, while searching in the basement for a screwdriver or hammer or some other tool related to "home improvement", I came across this box of beads. Sparkling like a pretty box of Christmas candy.

Memories of my one time beading hobby came flooding back. Why did I stop? Perhaps, because I never actually crafted a piece of jewelry that anyone would truly want to wear? Sure, my Mom smiled with delight as she tried on the dangly purple and blue earrings, with matching necklace, but that's what Mom's are supposed to do.

I'm thinking maybe I can salvage these lovlies and use them to make fancy stitch markers, or maybe a row counting bracelet. After all, if I can't make jewelry for people, I can certainly make it for my knitting.


shoppingformykids said...

Hi! Wanted to say I'm so glad I found your blog, so fun and helpful, too,


Liz said...

Seriously? I would love some stitch markers to send to a friend in France. Email me, and we can do some kind of exchange. :)
pocketfarm AT highstream DOT net

Jane said...

Stitch markers are fun to make! I just started this week and the first rather rough results are pictured on my blog. I made another trip to JoAnne's to take advantage of the 40% off jewelry findings they had this last week and have made a few more that came out better. Right now I have four of them marking the vest I just started for my Mom, another one on DH's Fuzzy Foot, and two more small ones on a bootie.