Friday, April 08, 2005

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend...

Is it really Friday already? Sheesh, this week has sailed by. It was a busy one, work wise, but unfortunately, I must keep this 9-5 job to support an all consuming yarn addiction.

The new KnitPicks catalog arrived and it's official, I want everything in it. Everything. First is Alpaca Cloud. I'm in love. Where will I wear it? Who knows. A few pages away, Andean Silk. Love the lettuce color. Or maybe Bluebell. And how about a yarn swift and a ball winder? Yes, one of each please. Oh and Andean Treasure, in Lilac. Yep, gotta get that too.

And speaking of addictions, my other one is starting to grab hold as well. The Red Sox showed the Yankees who's World Champion, (well at least one game out of three) but boy was it exciting. Jeff and I have plans to see a game at Fenway in two weeks. And my wonderful brothers-in-law have come through. Brother-in-law #1 scored two pair of Sunday afternoon tix in June and July, and Brother-in-law #2 just called to say he has tix for the White Sox/Red Sox series in Chicago in July. It's become a tradition, we go to the Windy City for the weekend to visit him and to see the Red Sox play. Last year we just happened to meet Jason Varitek and Doug Mirabelli at local restaurant after the game. Very cool.

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