Saturday, April 16, 2005

Subdued Socks, Colorful Flowers

My tastes in socks have been decidely neutral lately.

The pair above came off the needles last weekend, knit up in record time. Jeff has already worn them to work once. For these I used the Knit Picks Simple Stripe yarn, which was very nice to work with. I really liked the feel of it, very soft. I may order more eventually, but there is really only one other colorway that I'd pick, called Vineyard. The others are all nice, but a bit too colorful. But then again, they would make nice gifts for the niece and nephews. (There I go, talking myself into buying more yarn. It's a sickness really.)

On the needles right now is the second sock of from Opal Magic 1044. This yarn was a prize from the Yahoo Opal Chatters Group . This is one of the nicest email lists! It's hosted by PT Yarn, the US distributor for Opal Yarns. Soxie, the list mom, holds drawings at least once a week. If you like sock knitting, I encourage you to check it out. You never know what you might win, and Soxie's creativity always keeps the posts interesting. Thanks Soxie!
For those who haven't used Opal, it is lots of fun if you like self-striping. As the name says, its magic. I never know what's going to appear next, so I just can't seem to stop, always anticipating the next round.

Finally, I wanted to share some of the beautiful sights popping up in my yard. It's been a long winter and it such a joy to see Mother Nature showing her colors. She is anything but subdued.


Kahbn said...

this gets filed under "stuff I didn't even know existed."


oh, and... YANKEES SUCK!

-the Rev.

Marguerite said...

Nice socks. I have to try some of that KnitPicks yarn. I've been an Opal addict for so long it almost seems disloyal.

Love your Magic socks, too. I have some of that yarn just waiting to get knit up.

Liz said...

I'm loving that daffodil! I adore the ones that have the orange (but not pink) cups. My favorite being the poeticus variety. All I have blooming are the teeny tiny tete-a-tete jonquils, but I love them anyway. Can you tell they're my favorite flower? :)