Sunday, April 03, 2005

These Socks Rock

There is a rumor out there that I am a knitter. So to prove it, here are some progress updates. These socks are made with Knit Picks Simple Stripes"Storm". I love this yarn. Very soft and cuddly. I chose to knit this pair without the usual ribbing all the way down to the foot. The socks knit up so much faster that way.

For a moment, I was actually a little sad, realizing that winter is over, which means these warm and toasties might wait awhile to be worn. Then I gave myself a slap on the head and thanked my lucky stars that Old Man Winter appears to have left the building.

And I finished these Sockotta's too. See, I really do knit.

Oh and these Sox Rock too! The Red Sox 2005 Season begins in less than one hour.

I must don my outfit for the occasion. Red socks, red pajamas, and #33 Varitek t-shirt. Go Sox!!!


Marcia said...

Funny...I had just read your blog, then saw your comment on mine! (Too bad about the Sox, says the Yankee fan....) Anyway, that is Meilenweit sock yarn by Lana Grossa, the stuff they use in that book. It's really pretty nice. Your socks are awesome....don't you love the Sockotta? Hubby has one pair that he leaves out for me to hand wash so they won't get ruined. How sweet of him.

Liz said...

Your socks look great! I don't have the patience to rib all the way down, so your new way is like an old friend to me. :)