Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Heat Wave Trekking

Remember this? Or this? Now, we are all stitchn' and bitchn' about the heat. Boston experienced a heat index of 101. I'm not exactly clear on how the heat index is measured, but I believe it has something to do with the amount one knitter will perspire as she leisurely walks from Downtown Crossing to Copley Place. Thank goodness there was a yarn shop along the way for a little respite.

When I inquired about that new Opal Rainforest yarn that the sock world has been buzzing about, the woman behind the counter gave me a puzzled looked and said, " that the yarn that makes its own pattern?" Oh my, this is not a good sign for a yarn shop. But, I forgave her lack of yarn knowledge, as her store only recently made the leap from needlepoint to knitting, and the place was well air-conditioned.

So, I bought this instead. It is called Trekking XXL, color #15. I just love the bright primary colors, and I think my niece will too.

Wally says, "Hey nice yarn, keep knitting those socks. Good things happen when you knit."


Bridget said...

I like the colors in the Trekking - I just bought some of it in shades of blue. They have the Rainforest at I ordered something from them last week and got it in a couple of days. I'm eying Flamingo for a friend.

Liz said...

Pretty Trekking. Gee, you are all in the know about the yarns. Me, here on the farm, I'm too busy perfecting my homemade poptart recipe. ;)

I gotta get out more. :)