Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Warm Finger(s)

With the whipping winds and falling temperatures, now is the time to pull the winter woolies from the storage bin.

But who wants to wear boring old black gloves, when there is mysterious fuschia yarn just screaming to be knit? Not me! I started this glove on Saturday, and look what I've accomplished. Only a thumb and three fingers to go! Well, and another whole glove, but you know what I mean.

It's based on Cigar, but since I only smoke cigars when I'm in Aruba, and there's not much need for wool gloves in Aruba, my version will have complete fingers.

I'm using 5 inch Brittany dpns, which were a gift from my Secret Pal. These are the coolest little needles ever. They fit perfectly in my hand and make me feel like a knitting speed demon as I whiz through round after round. (Check out their site for some interesting old knitting photos.)

Thanks for nice comments on yesterday's Friday Harbor socks. They are made of KnitPicks sock landscape, Cape Cod. I used a size 2 needle, but next time I think I'll try a 3. I like the finished socks, but they are a little snug. Posted by Picasa

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