Sunday, January 15, 2006

Never Look Back

Two things made last night's disappointment bearable. Continuing progress on Kepler, and the rain-dampenend, but beautiful tickets that arrived in yesterday's mail.

After knitting three of the four cable bands for Kepler on size 9 needles, I finally admitted that the gauge just wasn't right, and started the fourth on size 8s. It's looking much crisper. A big improvement. I'll need to re-do the previous week and half worth of cabling, and the plain sleeves and body will knit up at a tighter gauge now, which means some adjustments (and the dreaded math), but I'm feeling confident.

And as for baseball...only a few weeks 'til Spring Training begins. I can almost feel the warm sun on my face and hear the first joyful notes of Sweet Caroline floating through the air. Ahhh... Posted by Picasa

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