Saturday, February 04, 2006

Let the Knitting Begin

Faithful readers know that for most of last year I was a commuter knitter. I landed a great job, working for a big impressive company. In the CITY. I was stylin'! Each day, I would happily board the commuter train, wave my T pass to the conducter, and spend the next hour blissfully knitting as the scenery whizzed by. The extra knitting time was wonderful, I was churning out socks and scarves at an astounding pace.

Then everything changed. My dream job turned out to be not so dreamy. My office was abruptly shut down in November and everyone was out of work. There was no knitting on that last train ride home. It was the middle of the afternoon, and I was lugging three tote bags full of assorted stuff from my desk. I felt like a big loser, like every other rider could immediately see that I was UNEMPLOYED.

Happily, I am working again and things are going great. My commute is so quick there is barely time to listen to Imus each morning. I'm home an hour earlier each evening, which means Max gets his walk much sooner. My job is exciting and challenging, the company is growing. Everything is wonderful. My only complaint is the lack of knitting time.

So, in an effort to carve out some precious time in my days, I did this. This could become a a regular part of my routine. No shopping, no chopping, no dicing, no peeling, NO CLEANING, just 2 hours of assembling and I have almost month's worth of week night dinners in my freezer. Joy, joy, joy! I'm seeing lots more knitting in my future.

And because it's not a blog without pictures, here I am patiently waiting for Spring Training to begin.

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