Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Please Forgive Me

Apologies for yesterday's rather gross post. Work and family issues have been wearing me out lately and the weird mushrooms in the yard sent me over the edge. And now I see that haloscan is not working, so you can't comment. Perhaps that's a good thing.

On to knitting. Tilia is progressing. Please disregard the blech gray color. It's really much prettier in person, a lovely blue green teal. The front is complete, but after reading Laura's post about Silky Wool gauge and sizing, I'm concerned that it is too long and too narrow. Or maybe I am too short and too wide. Either way, pattern alterations are inevitable.
While working on Tilia, I'm continuing to enjoy my iPod, spending every available moment catching up on Brenda Dayne's Cast-On. I'm listening all out of order, because I haven't yet mastered the intracacies of iTunes, but it's enjoyable nonetheless. This week I listened to episode 11 and heard Franklin's voice. His essay on the univited guest is hilarious and a little frightening.
Finally, Jeff and I leave for Florence in a month. It'll be a quick trip, just one week, but I hope to pack in as much art as possible. I've already booked tickets for the Uffizi and The Accademia Gallery. Knitting is art too, so if you can recommend an yarn shops in Florence, please let me know.

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