Monday, November 13, 2006

KnitSox and Chocolate, Italian Style

What a glorious week! This was the view from our charming Florence hotel, The Hotel Cellai.

Imagine my surprise to open the weathered green shutters at our window and see this majestic site. It literally took my breath away.

The week was full of walking, shopping, wine, pasta, gelato, and yes...YARN. On day three, we walked south along Via Calzaiuoli to the Ponte Vecchio, eyes open for Beatrice Galli's yarn shop.

I had dutifully done my pre-departure research, googling and printing the website map. Unfortunately, I'd left all my research on my desk at home! Not to worry, Florence is full of little internet cafes, tucked away in medieval stone buildings, where you can sit and surf while sipping an espresso or glass of chianti. After a quick stop and a little refreshment Jeff and I found what we were looking for.

Honestly, we found what I was looking for. Like a dear and wonderful husband, he took my photo, and then sat on a bench inside the shop as I ooohed and aaaahed and admired it all. The owner, Beatrice was so sweet and charming. She speaks very little english, but did manage to tell me that most of her customers are Americans and Japanese.

In appreciation of Jeff always being so understanding and supportive of my need for yarn and yarn-related discussions and detours worldwide, I found some lovely italian stripey yarn to knit him a pair of socks once the Christmas knitting winds down.
Yarn in hand, we then wound our way through little cobblestone streets and came upon a tiny shop that made beautiful homemade chocolate. Another perfect find!
Here are the results of our wandering, spread out on a little cafe table alongside the Palazzo Vecchio. Knit Sox and Chocolate indeed!
If you are my family who have asked, did you take any more pictures??? go here. Of even if you aren't family, please feel welcome to take a peek.

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