Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What I Need

The alarm went off at 5 AM, I was on the road by 6:15, at a marketing seminar until 10, and back in my windowless cubicle writing and re-writing the latest client proposal til after 6 PM. When I finally finished editing and proofing and formatting and paginating, I hit convert to PDF. My computer immediately said "No way lady, it's been a long day and I am DONE", and promptly froze up, while the tears welled up in my eyes. Sigh.

I put on my hat, scarf, gloves, and down jacket, got into my freezing cold car and drove home. During the frigid ride, I realized what I need.

I need the Red Sox. I need sunshine. I need summer. I need to wear my Varitek jersey, jean shorts and flip flops. I need a hot dog and a beer. I need to hold my cap over my heart as the national anthem plays. I need soft serve ice cream in a blue plastic batting cap. I need to hear the giggly antics of Jerry and Don. I need to hear Sweet Caroline. I need to hear the deep baritone voice of the Fenway Peanut guy. I need to see Dennis Drinkwater in his position behind the plate. I need to see Papi flipping his helmet as he bounces into home.

Until then, I'm watching this. Over and over and over. It'll help, but not for much longer.

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