Saturday, November 08, 2008

Combination Knitting

Wow! My head is spinning. The Combination Knitting class with Annie Modesitt was mind-bending. I've been knitting forever and truly didn't think I could learn anything new about knits and purls, but in less than two hours I was a convert. I will never knit or purl the same way again.

The class itself went much too fast. There were only about 10 of us, sitting around a table, knitting and learning together. Annie is an incredible teacher. She has very firm rules about who talks when, and asking questions. I imagine she would be a very good middle school teacher. She certainly kept us adults in line. (At one point someone's cell phone rang and I was just a teensy bit afraid,)

But despite her discipline, or more probably because of it, her lessons about knitting with passion, keeping the stitches happy, and her belief that we knitters are much smarter than we or the businesses that sell to us are willing to believe, were truly inspiring.

Thanks to Berrocco Yarns for the very, very generous gift bags. Not just a little skein of yarn, but THREE skeins. And not just yarns, but CHOCOLATE. What a treat!

No pictures of the class as I was too busy knitting and purling and being inspired, but here is the outside of Slater Mill on a lovely, misty November morning.

I am so excited for tomorrow's lace knitting class that I'm afraid I will get no sleep tonight. It's worse than waiting for Santa.

I didn't see any ghosts, but at one point there was a very loud crash, and we all looked over to see that Annie's bag of books and knitted samples, which was sitting on a chair on the far end of the room, had fallen to the floor. I have to admit, the chairs were a bit slippery, but I'm telling everyone it was ghost.

Yes, it was most definitely a ghost.

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