Monday, December 29, 2008


On December 26, C and I headed off to Webs for the annual blow out sale. OMG. What a scene. I'd been to Webs for the first time just a few weeks ago. That first time, the store was quite and peaceful, yet still overwhelming in its abundance of yarn. This time, the store was packed to the rafters with crazy knitters. It was true insanity. 99.9% of the shoppers were kind and friendly, but there was that one crazy lady who made a very rude comment to me and C about our use of a shopping cart. A very loud and ridiculous comment. It is the first, and hopefully only time I will come this close to slugging someone in a yarn shop.

Anyway, the bargains were incredible. In the first room, there were piles of Noro Silk Garden. Bags upon bags of color 246 for a mere $50 a bag. My friends, this stuff normally sells for close to $12 a skein and I scored a whole bag for $50!! Jeff, the ever vigilant entrepeneur wondered why I didn't buy all of it to sell on Ebay for a profit. Honestly, that thought didn't even cross my mind, though I wonder if others were doing just that. There was also boxes and boxes of free yarn. Yes, that's right. I said free!!! It was all ribbon shiny yarn. Not anything I really wanted, but I'm sure some creative crafters will put it all to good use. There was one lady who was stuffing her shopping cart full of the free yarn. She must have had twenty or thirty bags. I was a little embarrassed for her. Maybe she is going to sell it on Ebay??

So now I'm wondering what to do with all this bargain is color 246. Green/grey/purple/and a just a hint of very ugly mustard yellow. I wonder about those nutty dyers at Noro. Do you think they all sit around and say, "hmmmm this looks beautiful just as it is, but wait, let's really screw with all those addicted knitters and throw in a pinch of baby poop yellow! Ha Ha Ha, do you think they'll buy it?? Of course they'll buy it!! They are like crack addicts. They can't control themselves." And then they add an extra knot in the skein, just to make us all extra crazy.

So, yes, I bought ten skeins of the lovely 246 with the ugly yellow and now I need a pattern. Any ideas out there? I did a quick search of Ravelry and found mostly the lovely Noro striped scarf, designed by Jared and much loved by the Yarn Harlot. But honestly, I think I have plenty of scarfs. Maybe another Klaralund? Or a Clapotis? Maybe a Gesta?

Fellow addicts, I need your advice.

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