Saturday, January 22, 2005

Blizzard Bliss

The forecast is for a paralyzing blizzard to hit the Northeast. I am ready. The fridge is fully stocked. The shovel is standing by the front steps, at the ready to clear away the 2-3 feet of snow being predicted...and most important, my Debbie Bliss cardigan is patiently waiting for me to pick up the needles and begin clicking away.

Sometimes I wonder why I live in this part of the world. Why not Tampa or Myrtle Beach? Some place warm and sunny, where only warm ocean breezes blow and I never have to don long underwear or wear earmuffs. But I realize, despite the howling winds and bone chilling temperatures, I like this New England weather. A blizzard offers a wonderful excuse to slow down, close out the rest of the world, sip a hot steaming mug of cocoa and take a well deserved break. Sometimes a good storm is just the respite I need.

Happy Blizzard of 2005.

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