Sunday, January 30, 2005

Slow Going on the Debbie Bliss

Progress has been slow on the hooded cardigan. The back is finished, and waiting patiently on the holder. The left front is almost half done, I made it to the armhole decrease this morning while watching news of the Iraqi elections. (Over 60% turn-out, that is just amazing!)

There will be little time for working on the Debbie Bliss anymore today. This afternoon, Jeff and I are visiting his family. His grandmother and uncle are coming down from Adams, and spending the night at his parents. I'm looking forward to the visit. I also hope to get an update on my mother-in-law's socks. For Christmas, I gave her the Cat Bordi book , 2 pairs of Addi Turbos, and a skein of purple Sockotta. She had a few questions at first, but I've heard nothing from her lately. I'm anxious to see her progress.

Other news - in a few weeks I start a new job in Boston. I'm very excited about the opportunity, and you know what....I'm also very much looking forward to the 1 hour train ride each way. It will mean waking up an hour earlier each day, but I'm hoping to use the commuting time for some guilt free knitting. Imagine all the socks I'll be able to complete!

On the other hand, I will truly miss all my friends at my current job. It's always exciting for me to move on to new opportunities, but always so hard to leave good friends. After all, it's the people that make the workplace good or bad. And in the case, I've made some great friends.

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Tine said...

I promise you that we will continue what I feel is the beginning of a wonderful friendship. We have a lot in common and the more we talk the more I know we were ment to be friends. As much as it's fun to have a friend to vent with, you are someone I enjoy celebrating the positive aspects of my life with. I always feel good when leaving your company. You help me appreciate my husband, my children, my life. I can only thank God that we are females because men aren't capable of expressing gratitude like women can. Thank you for opening my eyes to new ways of seeing things. I have and will continue to enjoy our conversations together.