Sunday, February 27, 2005

Signs of Spring

Mary Beth shared her harbinger of spring last week, unfortunately mine is not so lovely. Max, the beast with whom we share a home, encountered a skunk last night during his after dinner walk. He lost. Sprayed right in the face. Oh my God, the stink. Max stinks, the rugs stink, my clothes stink. Everything in my house STINKS!

It is so overwhelming that my eyes are still watering and my head is still pounding. I've washed the dog twice, washed the floors once, re-washed laundry, sprayed the house with lysol and fabreeze, and now I'm burning every Yankee candle I own, just to cover the stench. I'm off to Petco for some industrial strength deordorizer. This is completely horrible. I can't even imagine what will become of my current knitting projects. And my stash. Oh my God, the horror.


Anonymous said...

Massengill douche will remove the odor from the clothes and dog. My friend's dog got sprayed in the face and this is what the vet recommended. Good Luck!

Liz said...

I heard tomato juice works. Good luck. The zigzag vest I'm making is from the Spring IK, modeled by a cute old guy. :)