Saturday, February 26, 2005

Whew, What a Week!

Monday was a holiday, but even still, this was a very long week! I started a new job on Tuesday, which means I'm awake an hour earlier each day to catch the commuter train for a 50-minute ride into the city. Some people might think this is nutty, but I am HAPPY about the extra, uninteruppted, guilt-free knitting time. So as a result of all this extra "time to knit", I am proud to show off my progress.

The left front of the Debbie Bliss Jacket is done. This is much too complicated to do on the train - no room for patterns or cable needles - so I worked on it nights and weekends. It's a fun pattern once you get it established. Just be sure to check the Debbie Bliss site for all the corrections if you are going to try it. I wonder who does the editing on her pattern books? If I had that many mistakes in my work, I'd get fired. Oh well, I still love her designs and her yarn. In fact I just bought 15 skeins of her Light Blue Aran Wool from Herrschner's yesterday. No idea what to make with it, just another yarn fix to feed my addiction.

Next is my Knit Picks Sock Garden Geranium. One done, one to go. This was a fun one to do. And the yarn is so soft, it feels great on. Of course, now I must start the second sock.

While I love the Knit Picks yarn, my only problem was the way the skein was wound. It was so tight, I couldn't find the inside end without ripping the whole thing apart, so I just knit from the outside. This is normally not a problem, but working on the train was a little challenging, as the skein kept trying to jump out of my tote bag as I would pull the yarn. I'm going to try to find the inside of the next skein this weekend, and get myself all set up before Monday.

And finally, my absolute favorite no-brainer sock yarn, Sockotta by Plymouth. It is a cotton/wool/nylon blend. Feels a little rough and stringy as you work, but it makes the nicest ribbed sock. And I just love the way the pattern comes together so crisply. And it's machine washable, which is a wonderful thing.

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Tine said...

Thank you so much for sharing all the yarn sites. I'm awaiting my first package from KnitPics, which includes needles and yarn. I can't wait!