Wednesday, March 23, 2005

10 Reasons to Smile on the Commuter Rail

  1. arriving at the station just in time to get a good parking space
  2. parking in space #51 which means you can slide $2 into the archaic payment box quickly, without getting in anyone’s way
  3. finding the perfect spot on the platform - when the train arrives, the door is directly in front of you
  4. realizing the conductor never punched your 12 ride ticket
  5. hearing the sincere and hearty “good morning” from the conductor on the third car
  6. seeing a family of ducks swimming on the half-frozen pond just before the Canton station
  7. traveling all the way to Route 128 without a third person in the seat
  8. finishing the toe of the second sock just as you pull into South Station
  9. hearing the enthusiastic shouts of “MetRO, git yer MetRO!” from the newspaper hawkers outside South Station
  10. reading a free Herald on the ride home

Of course the best thing about all this commuting is the time spent knitting. Today I finished my second blue/purple sockotta sock. Just need to graft the toe stitches and it is done.

1 comment:

Tine said...

Reading your list made me remember and smile. Enjoy. I'm glad things are all falling in place for you.