Friday, March 18, 2005

Feeling Inferior

So I love my blog, and I love reading all the other blogs out there, but sometimes I wonder how on earth do these people find time to do all this knitting????

So many projects going at once - it makes my head spin. I just happened upon Sticks Go Boom, and realized this blog started in January. This amazing knitter has SIX projects posted for March alone. (They are all fabulous by the way)

Is there some secret to all this productivity? What am I missing? I love, love, love to knit, but if manage to get ten rows done on a simple pair of socks in a day, that's an momentous accomplishment.

Okay, enough whining. I'm off to knit a few rows before my 8:00 appointment with HR Block. (Yuck!)


Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about the RedSox, but your blog made me chuckle! I agree...I seem to spend more time reading knitblogs than knitting! I'm a newbie, tho, so it's a great way to learn. (and I think I'll use some beads from defunct jewelry-making for stitch count bracelet, too! I get offline...) thanks for smile!


Liz said...

I feel like the world's slowest knitter, and since I'm new to blogging, I tend to not post very often, and sometimes about other things going on in my life, because there's not much knitting content. I do spend WAY too much time reading blogs, and if I spent that time knitting I would be so far ahead of the game.

Bottom line: Don't compare yourself to other knitters! Do what's right for you (now if I can just live by those words of wisdom...)