Sunday, March 20, 2005

Welcome Spring and Continuing Education

The forecast is for rain and snow showers, but spring officially arrived today. Thanks Christine for the bright and cheery tulips. My favorite flowers!

Once again the weekend has flown by, but I'm happy to report I've begun work on Clapotis. It is such a hot item on all the blogs that I just had to jump onto the bandwagon. It's a fun, easy pattern. I've almost finished section one, and am very intrigued to see how these dropped stitches will work. Imagine, dropping stitches on purpose. What fun.

Initially I was stumped. On row 2, it says "pm". What is that? "m1", usually means "make one stitch", did "pm" mean "make one purl stitch"??

To be sure, I pulled the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Knitting Book from the bookshelf and searched the abbreviations section. Nothing. Not a clue. What in the world could "pm" mean?

I re-read the pattern. Again, nothing.

I posted the question to my online knit group and patiently waited for answer. Actually, I waited all of five minutes and decided to just 'trust my gut' and forge ahead. I convinced myself that "pm" meant "make one purl stitch", and off I went.

About 11 rows later I realized, when the pattern mentioned markers, that "pm" meant "place marker". How embarrassing. Knitting since I was nine years old, and I swear to you I've never seen this abbreviation before. I guess it is true, you learn something new everyday.

Oh, and thanks to all my online knitting friends who responded so kindly to my dumb question.

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