Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Weather Was Great

When you're at Fenway in April, with the sun shining and the temperature close to 70 degrees, you really can't complain. So what if this was the view from our nosebleed, $12, upper bleacher seats. At least we weren't sitting all the way out there, in the Dunkin' Dugout.

But wait, I spoke too soon. We'd taken a wrong turn. See those empty seats, in the very last row, next to the woman with her head on hand? Those are our seats. I knew it. We were in the Dunkin' Dugout.

So after climbing down 31 steps and back up again, this was our view. No, we didn't bring binoculars. But we did have a great view of the Championship Banner waving proudly in the setting sun.

And after the sun set, this was the view when I turned around. Pretty cool.

Arroyo pitched a great game, Halladay pitched better, and the Sox just couldn't get the bats working in the end. But like I said, when you are at Fenway, you can't complain. Go Sox.

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