Saturday, April 23, 2005

Clapotis Revisited

I've been so busy with socks lately, that my other projects have been almost abandoned. Feeling like a guilty working-Mom, I realized I must have more of a work/home balance. I've decided to keep the sock projects strictly for the commute, and spend my time at home on other, less portable projects.

So Clapotis is back. I am halfway through Section 3, getting a little thrill each time I get to drop a stitch.

Things really started to move when I switched from straight needles to a circulars. I'm not sure why I began with the straights, but I should know better. Actually, I began with straight bamboos. I love the way they feel, but the silk/wool/cashmere blend yarn didn't slide smoothly, and progress was much too slow. Then I switched to straight metal needles. The yarn sped along the needles, but working with on a little sofa, with a big dog sitting next to me was a bit cumbersome. So last night I hunted through my basket of needles for the metal circs. They fit me and my space better, and hold the weight of the yarn, so I can just zoom along. And there is plenty of room for the dog.

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