Thursday, May 12, 2005

Have You Hugged Your Captain Today?

Yesterday was the perfect day for a ball game. Sunshine, blue skies, and temps near 80. And a walk-off home run by 'Tek for the win. Perfect. Unfortunately, I was stuck at work, fiddling with my radio, trying to listen to the game, while also attempting to update the weekly sales reports. Not good. Mid-week day games should automatically be on the holiday schedule.

I did enjoy seeing all the Sox-attired fans on the 5:00 train. Hats, t-shirts, wrist bands, and of course, big "we won" grins. They were a nice lift to the usual dozing, iPod wearing, newspaper shuffling crowd I usually share the ride with each afternoon.

Funny, I haven't seen any other knitters on my train. Where are you all hiding?

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