Saturday, May 21, 2005

Library Surprise

Being a train commuter allows time for knitting and reading. So for the past few months I've been taking advantage of my local library. There just isn't enough room in my little house for more books, and I don't know, I just feel this kind of civic pride when I use my library card. Like I'm doing something good, saving a tree, and all that.

But lately, reading about all the Harlot book signings, I'll admit, I was feeling a bit left out, wishing I had my own copy. That changed this morning. I made my weekly trip to pick up my book for the week, and guess what I found.....yep, THE book!

As the librarian stamped the card, she said, "what a sweet little book, you could read it while you knit!" We laughed and I headed out to finish my morning errands.

A few hours later I returned home, put the groceries away, swept up the ever multiplying Max hairs and assorted crumbs from the kitchen floor, and finally sat down to enjoy a little knitting meditation. I was still feeling a bit sad, because I didn't make it to Circles to get my own signed copy like all my knitblogging friends. But as I flipped open the cover, what did I see....

Wow! Thanks Harlot. You are so generous to have provided a signed copy to the library! It may not be mine to keep, but I will certainly enjoy it for the next 14 days.


Liz said...

Lucky! I checked my library, and there doesn't appear to be a copy in the whole inter-library loan system. Guess I'll have to put it on my Christmas list. Can I be patient, though?

Lisa said...

Hey Liz! It was a good little read. I zipped through it this afternoon and found myself laughing out loud many many times. Maybe you could treat yourself to an early Christmas present. Heck, with the temperatures lately, it might as well be Christmas. It certainly doesn't feel like almost June!