Friday, May 20, 2005

Spring Flowers, Baby Birds and Naked Feet

Despite the lack of sunshine in these parts, the spring flowers continue to shine brightly in my yard. Every year the flowers surprise me. I don't remember planting those little white ones, but as Aunt Purl would say, they sure are purty!

And it's not just blooms that are popping open these days. Mama and Papa Finch are tending to their own little hatchlings just steps from my front door. I can't compete with Marguerite's fantastic photography, and I couldn't get close enough to see the babies, but they were making quite a racket. Cheep, Cheep, Cheeping, calling for their dinner. Here's mama bird making sure that the next door neighbor's cats are nowhere in sight.

And finally, isn't it ironic that a girl who knits so many socks actually prefers to go sockless whenever possible. Here are my naked feet basking in a rare patch of sunlight earlier this week. I'm sure you all were just dying to see my naked feet. Sorry.


Liz said...

Our phoebes hatched yesterday, right on schedule! I can't snap a picture of them because the nest is above our woodshed door but I keep checking them out with a mirror!

Great flowers...I love those white ones. Wonder what they are?

Marguerite said...

Love your pictures. Nesting birds and pretty flowers everywhere this time of year, but I never get tired of see them - for real or in pictures.