Friday, June 03, 2005

Another Addiction

Summer finally arrived today in Boston and I decided I was NOT spending another lunch hour sitting in the conference room eating questionable low-fat turkey salad and baked Lays chips from Archie’s Deli. The temperature was near 80, and I needed to get out, stretch my legs and feel the sun on my face. What to do?

I thought about Subway Knitter’s favorite yarn shop and decided, since it’s only a block or two from my office too, I’d stroll on over and see if I could find something interesting to send to my secret pal. And maybe pick up some sock yarn for me. Of course.

I rode down the elevator and hit the street with every intention of turning left toward the yarn and buttons, but at the corner this store caught my eye. I couldn’t resist the urge. The sun was shining, summer was in the air and my feet suddenly needed some cute sandals. So I turned right instead, and this is what I bought.

Just so you understand, I am not one of those women with a different pair of shoes for every outfit. I usually play it safe and buy the boring beige pumps or black flats. But this place, my lord, it is unbelievable. Three floors full of shoes, and honestly, I want them ALL. Between the yarn and the shoes I’m gonna need another job.


Liz said...

Cute shoes! I can't even imagine a three-floor store that only deals in shoes. Where's the yarn store like that?

Marguerite said...

Cute shoes. Just looking at them puts me in the mood for summer.

Bridget said...

We have one of those stores near us now, but I havn't dared to go into it. I need more shoes like I need more yarn! They are cute though!