Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Do You Wanna Know A Secret?

I am officially a member of Secret Pal 5 and a Sockapal-2-Za! That means I have a secret pal and I am a secret pal. Ditto for a sock pal. Presents! Something in the mailbox other than credit card bills! Yippee!

I did some SP5 shopping yesterday and now I just have to find the right box to pack everything in on its way to - wait I can't tell you! Let's just say somewhere west of Red Sox Nation. I can tell you that I did my shopping at Windsor Button, and they have a wonderful selection of summer yarn. But I controlled myself and did not buy anything for myself. Restraint, restraint.

Of course, I will have to buy some yarn for my Sock Pal. She is not from New York, so I'm thinking she might like a pair of Red Socks? Just a thought.

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