Saturday, June 18, 2005

Floating On Air

Unexpected things often make me happy. Yesterday I had an unplanned afternoon off and took an impromptu trip to my favorite LYS, The Yarn Shoppe, which recently moved to a new location, 250 East Main Street in Norton, MA. (Can you believe they have no website??)

The new store is right off of Rt. 495 - very easy to find, with lots of parking. It is so much bigger, with room for many tempting displays, patterns, books, and even a few classrooms. The yarn selection seems to have grown too. I spotted a whole shelf of Noro Silk Garden and Kureyon, which I don't think they carried in the former location. Right near the front door was a cubby full of this delicate lace weight by Crystal Palace, in many colors. I'd planned to just buy sock yarn, but this blue, pink, lavendar haze of a yarn wouldn't stop calling to me. [Note to my my knitting friends: I know we've been trying to plan a trip. I'm sorry we didn't go together, but you know I will happily go again. Next time, okay? ]

After a lovely, lazy summer evening spent watching the Red Sox win, I accomplished this.
I only had to put my needles down a few times, once to see Tek do this. He is just fantastic. Sorry, back to the knitting. The pattern is very, very simple. I'm using size 6 needles. Knitting with this lace weight yarn is like knitting with air, it just floats.

I'm hoping this will be done by Saturday. I'm going to a wedding and would love to wear a simple summer dress with this light little shawl. I haven't actually bought the dress yet, but I'm imagining it will look lovely. You know you have a knitting addiction when you must find a dress to match your yarn!


Liz said...

I love the yarn, and so far your shawl looks better than the one in link...very pretty. I'm sure you'll find the perfect summery dress, and you already know where to go for the shoes. ;)

Bridget said...

I love the shawl - the color is great. I hope you finish it in time!