Sunday, June 19, 2005

Thanks Dad

Thanks Dad, for dressing up as Santa when I was four years old. I didn't know it was you until years later.

Thanks Dad, for nature walks and teaching me to fish. I'll always remember hunting for nightcrawlers in the backyard on humid August nights and the yellow tackle box I won at the junior fishing derby when I was seven.

Thanks Dad, for summer Saturdays spent watching the Red Sox on channel 38, and for introducing me to Yaz and Fisk. I'll always remember asking you, "but what do they do for real jobs?" and not believing you when you told me baseball was a job. It's still hard to believe.

Thanks Dad, for your generosity and kindness. For your love of tradition. And for the love you've always given me, and continue to give today. Happy Father's Day.

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Liz said...

What a great tribute to your dad. I love how you didn't recognize him as Santa. lol.