Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Day of Beauty

The day lilies are blooming. The scientific name of the day lily is Hemerocallis, a Greek name which means "a day" (hemera) "beauty" (callos).

I remember driving by our little house five years ago, before it was our little house, seeing the "For Sale" sign out front. My first thoughts were, the yellow siding is UGLY, the front lawn is a mess, and that basketball hoop has got to go! Then I saw the bright orange day lilies in the front yard and around the little mailbox and I gave the house a second look. Time flies by and the siding is now a pretty slate blue, the grass grows thick in the front yard, and there is no basketball hoop. But the day lilies remain. And they are still beautiful.

And on a completely different topic, add this to the list of reasons to keep your socks on. [Warning the preceding link is rated PG]


Liz said...

I love those daylilies. We have a ton of them here too, but ours are still in bud (which I think you can eat?). Isn't it amazing how flowers can really speak to us?

Bridget said...

I have loads of buds, but no blossoms yet. I love them too!