Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Extreme Home Makeover

Well not really. We are just painting walls, ceilings, and trim. To be honest, a friend of Jeff's, who paints houses for a living, is doing the work. The truth? Neither Jeff nor I are at all handy. We like to watch This Old House, Trading Spaces, and even While You Were Out, but we don't actually possess the courage or the will to attempt any kind of home repair or remodeling beyond lightbulb replacement.

This can be a problem when there is no landlord to call to replace the broken bathroom exhaust fan, or when the ceramic tile by the backdoor, for some unknown reason, begins lifting away from the floor, spewing grout and tile chips everywhere.

Back to the painting. The ceilings are done. The house looks so much nicer already. Bright, white ceilings certainly do make the house look clean and fresh. Tomorrow is the trim, then the walls? I am not even sure of the correct painting sequence, but I am sure that the new paint will be a big improvement.

And if we ever do win the lottery and remodel the basement into a media room, how about this for the walls? Now that would be extreme.

Knitting Update
The shawl I started on Saturday was completely abondoned by Wednesday. The yarn, though light as air, was also a big pain in the neck to knit. Sticky mohair is pretty, but tempermental. I'm afraid it was just not the right project to knit while commuting. So away it goes, and I'm back to finishing socks. The weather folks are predicting hot and steamy this weekend, so there will most likely be very little knitting.

Holy Knitting Needles, Batman!
Here's an interesting story about Mark Newport, an artist who knits life-sized superhero costumes. If you are in the Phoenix area, check out his exhibit.

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Liz said...

James is the master painter around here, and he usually has us do a coat on the walls, a coat on the trim, then the walls, then the trim. All I know is: he cuts in with the brush (the precision part) and I get to roll!

Sounds like a great weekend to paint, and nothing can really go wrong. That said, don't step in the paint tray!