Monday, August 01, 2005

Set To Go Wild in Zambia

Feeling completely uninspired and with nothing interesting to post, I visited Googlism and did a "who" search on me! Here are the top 10 results.
  1. lisa is adyktive
  2. lisa is on
  3. lisa is framed
  4. lisa is back
  5. lisa is a 76 year old lady who lives alone in
  6. lisa is eastenders culprit
  7. lisa is forever smiling
  8. lisa is a ny yankees fan
  9. lisa is a race car driver
  10. lisa is set to go wild in zambia

Rest assured I will be known as the "Wild Woman of Zambia" LOOOONG before #8 ever happens. Also, #5 has me a little concerned.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that you are not following through with #8--and thank gawd Manny's still around!

Also glad you are in the local food challenge!