Sunday, December 11, 2005

Can You Keep a Secret?

If you've found me, yay! Remember that Seinfeld episode about "worlds colliding"? That's how I felt when my blog was discovered by my former employer, hence the new URL. It's one thing when all your friends and family are reading your blog. It's quite another when the company you used to work for hires you back, and during the negotiations you learn that the CEO, the HR Director, and who knows who else on the senior management team have discovered your blog identity too. Much as I respect, admire and just plain like these folks, the thought of giving a presentation at the monthly staff meeting while wondering if any of them had read about my latest KnitPicks purchase kind of gave me the creeps. They probably wouldn't be interested in the slightest, but it bugged me. So here I am, KnitSox undercover.

Welcome, and please don't mention this to my boss.

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