Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Memories

My Mom loved Christmas. Every year she would start decorating immediately after Thanksgiving, filling the house with tinsel, garland, santas, and reindeers of every size. She even had a holiday doorbell that played Christmas carols each time it was rung. Mom loved shiny, sparkly ornaments. She also loved QVC. So when her favorite shopping channel began selling Christopher Radko ornaments, the UPS man became her best friend.

Mom died just over four years ago, and Christmas is always a hard time as memories of her festive, joyful holiday spirit come back to me. But with each year, there's a little less sadness and a few more happy memories. I am now the proud owner of all of Mom's beautiful glass ornaments, which now grace my little christmas tree. My favorite is this little kitten, sitting atop a sparkling ball of pink and blue yarn. It was a gift from Mom to me. She knew how much I love my yarn. Merry Christmas Mom.

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