Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One Crafter's Trash

As usual, it's been about a million years since I've posted. As proof that knitting takes place, I offer this one completed sock.

In other news, Jeff and I did some spring cleaning over the long holiday weekend. For months we've been complaining about the lack of storage space in our little house, so we (I) finally called Tony from Big Blue Removal Services to come and haul away our junk. Tony is the local version of that fancy-shmancy "Got Junk" service, but he doesn't have a shiny truck or a snazzy uniform. He also doesn't have a Junk Genie...(very freaky!!)

Tony's first job was to remove the broken-down shed in the backyard. Over the winter one of the doors had fallen off, and the shed turned into a very snug and cozy home for a variety of woodland critters. After he tore it all down and loaded his truck, Tony said, "Something died under there. I couldn't tell if it was a skunk or a racoon. But we bagged it, and we'll take it away." Thank you Tony.

Tony's second job was to haul away a variety of boxes, bags, and bins taking up valuable space in the cellar. Prior to Tony's arrival, I inspected each box, bag, and bin to determine if it truly was junk, and not precious treasure. I discovered at least 3 cross stitch/needlepoint projects finished but never framed, 2 large plastic totes full of a quilting fabric representing the entire color wheel, 1 ugly brown variegated Lion's Brand sweater complete except for one unfinished side seam, 1 handknit cotton summer tanktop also missing a side seam, 1 denim knit cable baby sweater sans seam and buttons, an unfinished bead and applique tree skirt, and a dot matrix printout of my wedding guest list and gift registry from 1992. (My anniversary is next week. It's still not too late to send me a nice set of wine goblets or a gravy boat, if anyone is feeling especially generous.)

The wedding stuff I'm keeping, the unseamed sweaters will be frogged (except for the ugly Lion's Brand...what was I thinking??), and the fabric and needlework stuff may find its way to ebay. Just to see if one crafter's trash truly is another crafter's treasure, I posted the tree skirt on ebay. Two bids and 12 watchers with a few days to go.

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