Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I wrote a long and thoughful post about all the things I learned during 2006 and all the lofty things I plan to accomplish in 2007. It was written after a nice glass (or two) of delicious German Riesling, and though wine- induced insights often have merit, I've decided to not bore you. Your welcome.

Instead, I'll show you what's been keeping me busy so far this year. Between watching old movies, the occasional college bowl game, and eating the remnants of holiday treats, I knit round and round on my future EZ Seamless Hybrid sweater.

Stop laughing, I will too finish a sweater.

The photo was taken during my lunch break today. Despite all my planning and goals and overall general "it's a clean slate" New Year's zeal, I wasn't quite ready to go a whole eight hours focused solely on the job. My hands were itching for wool, and my mind needed some quite time too. So I zipped into Subway for a lowfat turkey on wheat and a diet coke (resolutions you know) and then drove to my favorite local park, where I sat and knit a few more rounds while catching up on knitting podcasts for 30 minutes.

Maybe I should add lunchtime knitting to my list of 2007 resolutions. It is much more enjoyable than lowfat turkey.

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