Monday, October 08, 2007

Madeira Cascade Scarf Update

Progress continues on the Madeira Cascade Scarf. I worked on this last night while catching up on DVR'd episodes of Dancing with the Stars. Poor Jennie Garth, her face was so sad and crumpled after Derrick tripped over her dress and they both tumbled to the ground. At one point I was really worried that maybe she had broken a tooth or something.

I never expected to be sympathizing for Kelly Taylor, but for some reason she's grown on me. I'm not positive, but maybe it's because she's got the beginnings of crow's feet.

Back to the scarf. I love knitted lace patterns that are (somewhat) easy to memorize. Perhaps that is why I've made at least three Branching Outs so far? There is a good rhythm to this pattern and I'm enjoying the look of the delicate knitted lace panels. The yarn is very drapey and light.

I'm also looking forward to grafting the two pieces together to make one seamless scarf with matching ends. Such clever design! And it will give me a chance to practice my Kitchener Stitch, which I vow to someday master.

I can't wait to wear my finished Madeira. Who knows, maybe it will detract attention from my fine lines and wrinkles.

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