Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't Tell My Mother In Law

Late to the party as always, I've just discovered HBO's True Blood. It happened as my television discoveries often do. I was knitting while watching TV. A commercial came on and I got annoyed.

I have absolutely no patience for commercials. Expect for those Mac PC commercials. Those are adorable. Whenever Jeff speeds by them while watching the DVR I make him rewind just so I can watch. The Mac guy is adorable - is he still Drew Barrymore's boyfriend? - and the PC guy is just so pathetically sweet. Being a PC person myself, I feel his pain. But that Mac guy has me almost convinced to cross over. Almost.

Distracted from my knitting by the noisy commercial, I grabbed the clicker and found my way to the wonderful world of On Demand, where I uncovered two full screens worth of HBO series just waiting to be watched. I don't know about you, but I've never met an HBO character I didn't like. From Carrie Bradshaw to Tony Soprano to Ari Gold to even Bill Henrickson, I've loved them all. Oh and don't forget Lucius Vorenus. Sadly the Roman Empire had to fall and Lucius and his crew are gone forever.

I'd seen some news about True Blood and decided to give it a whirl. (bonus points if you can name that movie...)

The first episode hooked me right away, though I must say, it's not a show to watch with the kids. It's a bit "piggy" as my mother-in-law would say, but is a show about vampires, so I guess the S-E-X is just to be expected. Consider yourself warned.

Jeff and I have watched three episodes so far and we can't stop talking about the characters. Is Sookie really human? Is she a witch? Is Sam a vampire, or maybe a werewolf? What's the story with that stray dog? Is Jason hooked on vamp blood? Doesn't Sookie look a little like Holly Hunter? Didn't she play Holly Hunter's daughter in the Piano?

Thanks HBO. The perfect alternative to noisy commercials.

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