Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where Have All the Acorns Gone?

Max's feet are happy. Last year at this time when we walked on our little street, he could barely find a spot to set his paws without crunching down on the sharp edges of a broken acorn. Poor doggie was limping on every walk. This year, there are no acorns in sight. Normally they rain down upon our little yard, and litter the end of our street, but this year we've seen none. And apparently, its not just my little neighborhood that has noticed.

The neighborhood squirrels are being very creative in their food gathering. They've completely chewed through all the pumpkins left sitting since Halloween on neighborhood porches, to reach the treasure trove of seeds inside.

So if you are like me and missing your acorns, here's an alternative. The squirrels may not approve, but they are certainly gentler on puppy feet.

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Marguerite said...

Now that you mention it, there weren't any acorns here this year either. The squirrels are eating sunflower seeds out of the bird feeders. Now that I realize there weren't any acorns I'm going to feel sorry for them and not chase them off.