Tuesday, January 11, 2005

No Knitting Today

Working a trade show booth is not as much fun as knitting.

Best part of today: Running into a high school classmate at the show today. Someone I haven't seen in 20 years. Worst part of today: Realizing it's be 20 years since I graduated! It's not possible, is it??

I guess the second best part of the show today was the booth with the large plasma display showing the Red Sox World Series DVD. The company is not from New England, of course baseball has nothing to do with their product, but turns out their National Sales Director is a huge Sox fan and can't stop celebrating the victory. Naturally, there was a large crowd gathered watching and reliving the joy.

Just a few days til I head home. I'm missing my husband, my dog, and my knitting friends. Also missing my sweats, my slippers, and old Sex and the City episodes On Demand.

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Tine said...

That must have been wonderful to see an old high school friend. What a nice "happy" break from a dreary week.

I learned how to do the Long Tail Cast On (again) last night. I think I have it buried into my memory now. :)

I'm starting my socks tonight....I missed talking to you about them this week. Can't wait for you to get back.