Monday, February 07, 2005

Can You Say Dynasty??

The Patriots did it. Again. And not only did the boys do with style, so did I. I had the pleasure of watching the game from the Oasis Bar at the Caribe Hilton in lovely San Juan, Puerto Rico. Drinking a rum punch, proudly wearing my Brady jersey, and watching the palm trees out the window. Cool.

I was surprised to discover so many Philly fans here in the tropics. They are a loud and enthusiastic bunch. Things got a little scary when the Pats failed to score first, but as usual an Adam Viniatieri field goal secured the win, along with a Vrabel TD reception, and a few key interceptions. The Eagles fans got real quiet at the end.

Oh, and the commercials with the monkeys - beautiful. I couldn't hear anything (because of the loud Philly fans), but just the visual of a guy sitting in a conference room surrounded by suit-wearing chimps was enough. Been there, done that!

1 comment:

Tine said...

I wish I was able to watch the game with you!

ENJOY your time.

The game was great but I have to admit, better seeing it where you were.